CIE IGCSE Biology Topical Book 1, 2, 3, 4 & Mark Scheme

Section 1: Characteristics & Classification of Living Organisms
Section 2: Organisation of the Organism
Section 3: Movement in and out of Cells
Section 4: Biological Molecules
Section 5:Enzymes
Section 6: Plant Nutrition
Section 7: Human Nutrition
Section 8:Transport in Plants
Section 9:Transport  in Animals
Section 10: Diseases and Immunity
Section 11: Gas Exchange in Humans
Section 12: Respiration
Section 13: Excretion in Humans
Section 14: Coordination and Response
Section 15: Drugs
Section 16: Reproduction
Section 17: Inheritance
Section 18: Variation and Selection
Section 19: Organisms and their Environment
Section 20: Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Section 21: Human Influences on Ecosystem

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